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FINPAC Retirement Plan

Is designed for investors who want to build their retirement wealth in the most tax effective way.

You may think that retirement is a long way off, something you will worry about later, but with better medical technology and lifestyle Australians are living longer. The average Australian male retiring today at age 65 can expect to live another 19 years, while the average female could live for another 22 years. If we consider that life expectancies will continue to increase as they have in the past then it is not inconceivable to think that in 20 years time a lot of couples will have one party living past 100 years of age. Your retirement savings therefore need to generate the kind of returns that will sustain your capital over the long term.

An investment in the FINPAC RETIREMENT PLAN is the best way to provide for your retirement, while paying less tax on your investments than you might otherwise pay. It offers access to many of the world's best investments at wholesale rates through one account.

You also have the choice of a wide range of different investment portfolios to tailor your investments to your particular needs. Some of the main advantages to using this plan are as follows:

  • Access to high-quality investments. The FINPAC Retirement Plan gives you access to many of the world's best investments at wholesale rates through one account.

  • Simplicity and Ease of Administration. You will receive one statement for all of your investments, even though your money is split between several investments.

  • Superior Reporting System. You will receive two reviews* per year at no extra charge. These reviews are conducted as at the 30 June and 31 December every year.

  • Low Fees: The FINPAC Retirement Plan has a Low Entry Fee and no exit fees apply.

  • Flexibility: With the FINPAC Retirement Plan you can switch between investments at NO cost and at anytime.

Your FINPAC advisor may recommend a portfolio of anywhere up to eleven investments. FINPAC selects investments based on their performance, investment philosophy, process and people.

When selecting these investments we aim to maximise investment performance while maintaining the benefits of diversification. This is achieved by combining investments that are complimentary, so that performance is not dependent on a single investment.

To ensure the ongoing quality of client's portfolios we assess the managers and their funds on a regular basis. If we identify a manager or fund that has not performed or has had significant changes to the investment process or style we may recommend clients switch out of the fund into a superior alternative. These recommendations will be made in your regular portfolio reviews.

Don't work hard now only to throw it all away when you retire. Take control today and make changes that ensure you can enjoy the lifestyle you have always wanted in retirement. It is not that hard.

It is never too late to build up your retirement capital and there are tax benefits for doing it, both when you invest and in accessing it when you retire.

These tax benefits can have a dramatic impact on how long your money will last in retirement. Put simply, these benefits mean that money invested in the FINPAC Retirement Plan can last years longer for you in retirement than if it was invested in the same way, outside of this environment.

How much do you need for retirement?

Your FINPAC advisor is a retirement planning specialist. We can help you start planning now to ensure you have financial freedom and enjoy your retirement. Through the use of our customised software your advisor can answer the following questions about your situation at the touch of a button:

  1. Given my present situation and planned future savings, can I achieve to have my goal of $X,000 in retirement?

  2. If not, what is the actual annual income I can expect in retirement?

  3. If not, how much extra do I need to save each year?

  4. What happens if I work longer and retire at a later age?

This will help you to determine if your current retirement savings will achieve the lifestyle you want and if not, how much you should be saving now to achieve these goals.

If required you can even satisfy your requirements for Death or Death and Total & Permanent Disablement cover within the FINPAC Retirement Plan.

At retirement, benefits can be accessed either as a lump-sum or paid to you as a convenient monthly income stream.

*For portfolios over $100,000 only

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