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FINPAC Financial Advisors recommends certain financial products managed by professional investments managers. The document outlining the investment product is called a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which is updated from time to time as conditions change. Following is a list of the managed funds whose PDSs have been updated recently. Click on the relevant links below to download a copy for your records.

BT Portfolio Services Financial Services Guide
BT SuperWrap PDS

Ausbil Australian Active Equity Fund
Antipodes Global Fund
BlackRock Global Allocation Fund
BlackRock Scientific Diversified Growth Fund
BlackRock Scientific Diversified Stable Fund
Hyperion Australian Growth Companies Fund
Hyperion Small Growth Companies Fund
Investors Mutual All Industrials Share Fund
Magellan Global Fund
Maple-Brown Abbott Australian Share Fund
Maple-Brown Abbott Diversified Investment Trust
Perennial Value Shares Wholesale Fund
Perpetual Wholesale Balanced Growth Fund
Perpetual Wholesale Industrial Share Fund
Platinum Asia Share Fund
Platinum European Fund
Platinum International Fund
Russell Conservative Fund
Schroder Absolute Return Income Fund
UBS Defensive Investment Fund
Walter Scott Global Equity Fund

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