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FINPAC Investment Plan

The FINPAC Investment Plan has been designed for investors that want to build wealth now.

The FINPAC INVESTMENT PLAN offers access to many of the world's best fund managers at wholesale rates. Within this plan your advisor can customise a portfolio of investments for your particular needs and goals.

Some of the main advantages to using this plan are as follows:

  • Access to high-quality investments. The FINPAC Investment Plan gives you access to many of the world's best investments at wholesale rates through one account.

  • Simplicity and Ease of Administration. You will receive one statement for all of your investments, even though your money is split between several investments.

  • Superior Reporting System. You will receive two reviews* per year at no extra charge. These reviews are conducted as at the 30 June and 31 December every year.

  • Low Fees. The FINPAC Retirement Plan has a Low Entry Fee and no exit fees apply.

  • Flexibility. With the FINPAC Investment Plan you can switch between investments at NO cost and at anytime.

  • Tax Effective. Through the FINPAC INVESTMENT PLAN you can set up a loan specially designed for investing. This is known as gearing. Gearing can be a powerful tool in helping you achieve financial goals. It increases your opportunity to create wealth and lets you take advantage of greater diversification and potential tax planning benefits.

Your FINPAC advisor may recommend a portfolio of anywhere up to eleven investments. FINPAC selects investment managers and funds based on their performance, investment philosophy, process and people.

When selecting these investments we aim to maximise investment performance while maintaining the benefits of diversification. This is achieved by combining investments that are complimentary, so that performance is not dependent on a single investment.

The performance of these investments and ultimately your portfolio is then actively monitored. The result is your investment portfolio is more regularly reviewed resulting in superior investment selection and ultimately higher returns for you.

*For portfolios over $100,000 only

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