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About Us

FINPAC is one of North Queensland's longest established firms of financial advisors. FINPAC currently looks after many millions of dollars for thousands of North Queensland investors. FINPAC is a boutique financial planning firm. Our principal aim is to provide personal advice to our clients throughout their lives to help them achieve their financial goals and ultimately a comfortable lifestyle.

We believe the only way to achieve this is to build long-term relationships with our clients and their families.


  • Experience - FINPAC have been helping North Queensland investors for over thirty years.

  • FINPAC has its own Australian Financial Services License.

  • FINPAC is by the staff, directors and their families. This means that we are able to select financial products and strategies without being told what to do by a product issuer.

  • FINPAC's fee structure is such that no commissions are accepted from investment managers. Investors instead pay a fee to FINPAC at a flat rate. This ensures that there can be no preference for "high commission" investments as may exist with other advisory firms. This fee structure often results in a substantial saving of fees (this structure may not be applicable to smaller investment amounts).

  • Professional - Our team is dedicated to providing a high level of professional personal advice to our clients. Developing and maintaining our expertise through continued education and research is paramount in providing this level of service. All our advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners of the Financial Planning Association and regularly attend technical seminars and conferences.

  • FINPAC is also a member of the Boutique Financial Planning Principals Group.

What can you expect?

There is no charge for the first interview. Your financial advisor will explain at this meeting our service and what you can expect. You get to meet us and decide whether you feel comfortable with us, and we get to meet you and decide whether we are comfortable with you as a client. This is important because the relationship can possibly last for the rest of your life.

From this meeting a customised financial plan will be prepared and presented for your consideration. The complexity of your financial situation will determine how comprehensive this financial plan needs to be. Our service does not stop there, it is a continuous one where we will analyse your investment portfolio to ensure it always suits your needs.

The FINPAC Investment Service is designed to ensure your long-term comfort in the knowledge that your financial situation is being cared for by a team of dedicated professionals.

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